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Creating and maintaining Software Applications is expensive, time consuming, and frustrating. Life is complicated. Developing software shouldn’t be!

For over 30 years, we’ve empowered developers, engineers, and product managers worldwide to create and maintain simple, cross-platform, elegant software that their companies need, without the hassles of messy coding, and without spending a fortune. We create intelligent, intuitive tools, using our AI Software Development Platform, that do all of the hard work for you, so that you can deliver high-quality results fast, and enjoy your work!

True Digital Transformation improves people’s everyday lives. At GeneXus, we’re passionate about helping companies to innovate and inspire their employees and customers.

Nicolás Jodal, CEO of GeneXus™
Artificial Intelligence


In 1988, our cofounders had a vision to develop software that creates software. It was clear to them at the time, that the automatic generation of programs would someday become fundamental for businesses. One year later, GeneXus™ 1.0 launched — the first intelligent tool for creating and maintaining software that offers companies low- maintenance solutions through automation.


Simple Solutions

GeneXus™ creates apps for mobile, Web, Windows and legacy platforms that automatically generates and connects every required functionality, service and database, from the client-side to the server-side, in the appropriate language, with the optimal data structure. See why our thriving community of over 130,000 Software Developers around the world love our platform!

The Right Tools

Innovate Fast!

Today, companies transitioning to the new, cloud-based, digital era need to innovate more frequently and faster than ever before. Many CIOs and Dev Ops are realizing that, if an organization doesn’t have the right tools, it will not only waste valuable time, talent, and money, but it will risk being left behind in the next technological era.

See how our enterprise clients are transforming and future-proofing their organizations with our tools.



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