Meet the GeneXus team at the following events this Spring and see why we’re the #1 software automation platform for enterprise companies!


May 20-23, San Antonio, TX

Deepen your insight into critical IT topics with over 300 educational sessions and workshops. The GeneXus team will be presenting, IBMi: a Single Tool to Learn for Web Responsive, Android, iOS and RPG.

Nicolás Jodal

The Future of  Enterprise Software Development GeneXus Symposium

May 31, Dallas, TX

Join the executive team of GeneXus International for this special, invite-only symposium exploring some of the biggest technological challenges facing organizations today. Expect a day filled with action-driven keynotes, presentations and networking with peers and industry leaders who are successfully carrying their organizations into the future. We’ve carefully crafted a compelling lineup of presenters, including GeneXus executive leadership and partners, who will offer new direction, strategies, and insights to engage customers.

We Look Forward to Meeting You!